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Flowshutter is a custom camera remote. When used in conjunction with readily available hardware, this results in a flexible and reliable external camera motion logger for Gyroflow. It can provide precise synchronization of camera video recording and motion logger (betaflight/emuflight FC) recording.

It was designed to be used with the Gyroflow software to provide you one of the best open source video stabilization experiences.


  • "1-click" - synchronously start/stop (1) FC arm (2) camera recording
  • "Audio injection" - inject sync marker to the audio track for precise synchronization between video and gyro data
  • OLED Display - show the device information and allow user to change settings without hacking the firmware code
  • Blackbox Erasion - erase all blackbox data without connecting to the computer

Supported Hardware

NeutronRC has been continuously cooperating with us on commercial hardware development, and their commercial version of flowshutter is our first recommended choice.

For more info about list of supported hardware, please check Supported Hardware.

Compatible camera protocol/trigger mechanisms

  • Sony Multi-Terminal Port USB Protocol
  • Momentary Ground
  • 3.3V Schmitt Trigger
  • ZCAM UART protocol
  • Sony LANC protocol*
  • (WIP) 5V Schmitt Trigger
  • (WIP) HDMI CEC protocol

Check out our list of Supported Camera for more details.


  • Sony LANC protocol need an extra LANC controller, an Arduino example code is available here.

Compatible FC

  • Flowbox (highly recommended)
  • Modern FC with BMI270 gyro (recommended)
  • Any other FC that support CRSF protocol

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