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Support Gyroflow / Contributors list

The Gyroflow project was initially a Python program started by Elvin in 2020. Elvin is currently one of the developers working on software and hardware development:

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Version 1.0 and onwards was made possible by AdrianEddy, who worked overtime on adapting the previous Python codebase to high-performance cross-platform Rust code with a modern UI, and implemented new advanced features like rolling shutter correction. You can find AdrianEddy on Github:


Other contributors

Other amazing contributors have helped during the development by discussing, testing, and implementing new ideas for video stabilization, both for the previous Python version and the current software. Some of these people are:

  • Aphobius - Author of velocity dampened smoothing algorithm
  • Marc Roeschlin - Author of adaptive zoom algorithm
  • alexagv - Investigated advanced rendering options for the Python version
  • nivim - Work on insta360 support for the Python version
  • MiniGod - Investigated sync-less GoPro stabilization
  • Gro2mi - Work on automatic lens calibration and sync for the Python version
  • DusKing1 - Hardware development and translations for Gyroflow
  • NiceCrash - Started a community around FPV video stabilization and has been an alpha/beta tester with involvement from the very beginning of the project

Finally, a huge thanks goes out to everyone who provided sample footage during the development. This has made it possible to natively support a wide range of cameras and gyro sources. Fun fact: Elvin did not own a suitable camera for testing in the initial months of the project, so Gyroflow would literally not have been made without everyone's willingness to help.